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Psychic Sidewalk Sign

A sign like this is common in front of psychic readers’ storefronts.

Every day, thousands of people go online to search for a psychic reading.  If you’re one of those people, you probably searched around the web trying to find a real psychic reader, but only came up with a list of questionable advisers.  These fraudsters can be found everywhere, but what can you do to find a real honest psychic?  Someone that you can look to for real advice and sensible guidance?  Contrary to what some may think, psychic ability cannot be learned.  Psychics are born with a gift.  I urge you to ask any accredited psychic and they will agree.

In any event, there are many fraudulent “psychics” that are glad to steal their unsuspecting victims’ money.  There are thousands of stories about people getting conned out of thousands of dollars by scammers posing to be psychic mediums.  It is a shame, but it occurs frequently, and with most cases going unreported.  But that is why we created this site – to help regular people like you get authentic, yet 100% free psychic reading.

You can find all kinds of psychics with just as many ways to connect with them.  There are palm readers, tarot card readers, TV psychics, spirit guides, love advisers, mediums and independent psychics.  They can be found on TV, online and you’ve probably even seen signs for palm readings around town or while on vacation.  But where do you find a psychic reading you can trust?

Here’s a list of tips to spot a psychic scam:

  • If the psychic requests more money to buy specific items to help you
  • If they say they can get rid of demons or protect your family from evil spirits, they are lying!
  • If they say they will remove a curse placed on your or your family, don’t believe them.  Curses aren’t real!
  • If it seems like they are fishing for info by asking lots of questions, you are getting a “cold reading”.  A real psychic needs only your full name and birthday to give a true reading.

With all there is to look out for, be confident that there still are honest psychic readers out there, and we’ll show you where to find them.  The best way to find a trusted psychic is through a service or company that screens their psychic mediums and readers.  Networks like these will usually let users leave reviews and comments.

We’ve found that the best psychics work at Psychic Source.  This company only hires proven, legitimate psychics, and because of their strict screening process only 5% of applicants are brought onto the network.  The company has provided excellent service and satisfied customers for over 20 years!

Watch this video from a once skeptical, but now, satisfied Psychic Source customer:

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